Due to the rapid development of communication technologies in recent years, the need for adaptations of the UMO call and service center has been steadily increasing.

Our company has always focused heavily on these different technologies over the years, especially in healthcare. This specialization in telecommunication technologies in the health sector now helps a lot with the continuous development of the UMO call and service center.

Thus, Verklizan was able to implement all new developments in the area of end devices at short notice into the UMO call and service center. This concerns among other things:

  • Internet communication for image, sound and data transmission
  • Satellite navigation system (GPS) for accurate location
  • Measuring systems for measuring ECG, COPD, blood sugar, etc.
  • RFID technology

How do you ensure focus on what technology to choose?

Tip 1. Make choices

There are always people who are faster than you. And follow everything and know what it is possible to do. Ask yourself what you would like to improve on, for example, your focus, job satisfaction, speed, communication and then look specifically at the possibilities. There is always an app that can help you!

Tip 2. Discover

Click once in the Playstore and choose “discover”. By category (where your own interest lies) you can then scroll through different apps to get some new ideas.

Tip 3. Time out!

Turn all devices on silent, vibrate off, notifications off, pop-ups off. You are the biggest arrester yourself!

Tip 4. Getting started

Work with Tasks in Outlook. In Tasks you can make notes, link emails and files, deadlines, dates, priorities and so on. Tasks make you immediately proactive. See also our blog about this “working from your tasks”.

Braintoss. A super handy app to collect information anywhere and anytime that might otherwise stay in your head.

Pomodoro app (Be focused). A very handy app to get started with maximum focus. Set up the app and you will find that you learn to concentrate better and better.

TaskTask (IOS). This App replaces the Reminders. Chronologically you get all the tasks in the picture. The app provides the memory.


Are we ready for modern technology? Yes! Especially when we use it in the right way, it only gives us benefits.