The research field “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) tries to reproduce human perception and human action through machines. What began as a science of computer programming has become more and more the research of human thought.

Because after decades of research, one has recognized the impossibility of creating a “thinking” machine without first having researched and understood human thinking itself. Therefore, there are some major overlaps between AI research and neurology or psychology.

To this day, it has not even been possible to reconstruct human intellectual achievements as a whole with machines. A big obstacle is the language processing. Even the execution of simple commands is a highly complex process for a machine.

AI recognizes patterns that remain invisible to humans

To get more information about these patterns, Kim’s team designed neural networks that examined pseudo-band gap images. The patterns in the images taken with a scanning tunneling microscope often appear disordered to the human eye because the material in the measurements is chaotic and fluctuating and the measurements contain noise. The advantage of machine learning in this situation is that algorithms can learn to recognize patterns that are invisible to humans.

The intelligent algorithm scours hundreds of thousands of comments, forum posts and other scraps of information on the Internet, evaluating each entry, and thus generates an accurate mood of the market participants, even before the mood moves the prices.

Whether long or short – the investor then only has to buy the security and wait until the mood of the market participants moves the price. Thus, the AktienSensor Germany managed to consistently outpump the Dax with a maximum of 5 securities in the portfolio since April 2014. An increase of 133.03 percent in the equity sensor is offset by 25.88 percent in the Dax (as of 09.10.2018).

All this has been made possible by artificial intelligence and automated sentiment analysis. If you are still skeptical now, we cordially invite you to join the live webinar with the developers behind the system. Learn first-hand how the machine works behind the strategy, and ask your questions to the developers – live, exclusive, and above all: Free!